What makes our sauce the best?

It’s the love. And peppers. But definitely the love.

Lizard Mill is a home grown company that started with home grown peppers.

As a result of our passion turned profession, we aim for only the best. This is why you’ll find that our #1 focus will always be peppers.

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About the Owner

What started as a way to tame an out of control pepper plant turned into a passion and now into a profession.

Meet Geoff

Hi, my name is Geoff.

Not Jeff. Jeff is Geoff spelled wrong. Speaking of wrong, hot sauces that are all heat and no flavor are wrong. I aim for the opposite of that. No more are the days of choosing between “Megadeath 3000” and the big company sauces filled with dyes and artificial ingredients.

Growing up in Vermont, where most of our food was naturally sourced from local farms or vendors has shaped my standards on what makes good food good. I carry those standards with me and into these sauces that use 100% natural ingredients. You’ll never find any preservatives, dyes, or fillers in any of our sauces. Period.

It’s the best hot sauce you’ll ever have.